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Oct. 6: WEG Products Available Now... Sept. 16: Eliminate the effects of the hurricane... Management of Gol Pumps Technology Company has a long time experience in the field of Fluid pumps Including : Recognition - Design - calculations - Training - Installation - Services and Repairing and now we are distributing and selling all kinds of water pumps in Miami in state of Florida and the entire United States as well. We have Experience in Selecting the most suitable pumps for using in the fields of industry -Agriculture - Water treatment - Wastewater industrial - Food industry - Chemical industry - Fire Fighting -Boosting household water pressure-Pool and play water - Fountain - Transfer floods in oil and gas industry - Installations pumps for supplying of hot and cold water for towers and buildings - Drilling and excavation in aquifers -Fluid transfer in marine and offshore installation sites. We have a reliable stock in our warehouse in Miami , as well as capacity of Import and Export in all kind of the above mentioned pumps from USA - Italy - Germany - Denmark - and other well-known Countries. SAER, SPERONI, VAREM, JMS, AEG and DragFlow are some of the well Known Companies who have long time Collaboration with us. When you contact us, we offer you a strong data-bank for your Project (Free Of Charge). 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