Submersible DC Pumps

Marine & Bilge Pumps 

Low Voltage Pumps

12 V &  24 V   DC Pumps

Oformance motor, quiet, works in Boat and Marine water and fresh water, (Auto Optional  with  Floater switch )                                           

ur low voltage fountain and pond pumps can be used indoors or outdoors.

In  Multi Range  on Linear and submerged Model

Our 12 Voltage  pump can be used in fountains, waterfalls (Auto Optional  with  Floater switch )

Our 24 Voltage  pump, is a high per


1. Typically used in boat hulls/bilges

2. On the fountain

3. Drain the small water tanks

4. Drain small pool

5. Flower gardening

6. Use in aquarium

7. Use in Fountain

To those who are interested!

We can provide these bilge and marine pumps stands for your shops or showrooms

To order yours, Please contact us via email or by phone

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