G.P.T.CO assists the clients throughout the entire sales process, providing important pre- and post-sales services. Technical and sales personnel offer information and guidance to assist clients in identifying the best product for their needs, and carefully evaluate the feasibility of installing the product selected.

Client assistance is provided at each step of the sales process, including product selection, installation and testing of the product’s actual performance, and offering assistance if any problems arise after the product is being used.

To meet the needs of our clients, G.P.T.CO relies on its perfect warehouse of Technical Service Centre located in Miami, Florida. United States.

As a distributor of water pumps, G.P.T.CO becomes the client's partner

by providing high-quality products and offering related services, the company gains and maintains the client’s trust.

G.P.T.CO is on hand to advise its customers on all questions relating to pumps and services. From advice on choosing the right product for your needs to a wide range of pump and valve seminars: you benefit from the full range of G.P.T.CO's know-how and consultancy expertise.

We’re there for you, not only when it comes to selecting the right new product, but also throughout the entire life cycle of your pumps and water systems.

G.P.T.CO offers service and spare parts and products guarantee. The technical consultancy staff of G.P.T.CO Service provide comprehensive pump and valve know-how for modern and reliable pump systems.


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