AC Solar Inverters

System Description

Solar pumping system consists of four parts: solar panels, solar pumping inverter, three-phase AC pump and water storage device. The solar pumping inverter converts DC power produced by solar panels to AC-power which drives AC pump to pump water from borehole, river, Lake etc. to the storage device. The inverter applies high efficiency MPPT algorithm to maximize power harvested from solar panels. It will make the system to maximize efficiency to get the water as much as possible. The solar pumping system fulfills concept of low carbon, energy conservation, and environmental protection to improve the living standard in water-deficient area.

Permanent Magnet Solar Pump & Inverter

Single Phase Solar Pumping inverter

PV off-grid inverter & hybrid controller

1. Simple introduction:
Household PV off-grid power generation system consists of PV array,solar mounting structure,storage battery,Grid(Diesel Generator),PV off-grid inverter with controller and conventional household loads. Use PV solar panel transform solar energy into electrical energy, meanwhile use solar controller store electrical energy into battery, inverter can transform battery’s DC power into single phase AC power to drive household loads work.
This system can meet the demands of electric power in the areas that without grid electricity or lack of electricity.
Meanwhile, in the area of having Grid power and Diesel Generator input, the system can manage power automatically, which ensure household loads work regularly and reduce use-cost.


a. Overload and short circuit protection;
b. Auto restart while AC is recovering;
c. Compatible to mains voltage or generator power;

a. Pure sine wave output;
b. Selectable charging current based on applications;
c. Configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting;

a. Inbuilt pure copper transformer;
b. Silicon-controllered switch be adopted in AC by-pass;

a. Bulit-in MPPT solar charge controller/AC charge controller;
b. Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance;
c. Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers.

AC Solar System Main Devices

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