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Significantly to all consultants, designers, engineers, experts, technicians and market leaders familiar with the water and waste-water industry:

If you like, you can have a second job and be your self-employee, or make additional income from your free time. GOL PUMPS TECHNOLOGY Company invites you to cooperate. Any active and expert person in the pump industry anywhere in the United States can make money and take good advantage of this opportunity. You can register and fill out our special registration form by visiting the and be self-employed as a salesman and an active member of the sales department in GOL PUMPS TECHNOLOGY Company.

Finding new customers and introducing the right pump for the customer will be your goal. As a GOL PUMPS TECHNOLOGY sales DPT member, for any definitive invoice with any amount that you get, 5% sales commission will be deposited into your bank account right away.


Be sure to be good if you are active, trying it does not hurt you

Gol Pumps Technology Sales Department

We appreciate your Interest in becoming a Gol Pumps Technology partner!

  • Please Fully Complete the form below and submit to our sales department. If you have any questions as you are completing the form, Please contact us.
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Δ Important Notice Δ

Dear applicant,

This application is not an agreement between Gol Pumps company and the applicant. After you submit your application, we will review your application and then our sales department will contact you to explain the entire program for you. Then, if you are eligible, We will send you the contract to read and fill out.

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