Gardening Pumps

Ecojet Pumps

JET self-priming centrifugal electric pump.
Pump body in techno-polymer.
Anti-corrosive and rust-proof materials.
Motor with thermic overload protection.
Double sealing system between motor and hydraulic part.
Supplied with power cable with plug, switch, and self-sealing fitting.


SAER, DAB, SPeroni Jet Pumps

Selfpriming shallow well jet water pumps with a very high hydraulic performance and a considerable pressure capacity. Able to pump up to 26 ft. depth and work perfectly even in soda water. Suitable for water lifting and distribution in domestic fittings by small and medium sized tanks.

SAER, SPeroni CM Models

The Speroni CM 32 is a single impeller, centrifugal pump that is great for small and large scale, domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes.

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